Case Study: Oregon Health Authority

Case Study: Oregon Health Authority

Opioid use affects everyone—making it one of the most important issues of the moment, and one of the most challenging to discuss. 

Our partners at Brink Communications asked us to create a video campaign that would help disrupt messaging around the crisis: removing fear, blame, and stigmas; increasing education and awareness. 

What We Did:

First, we had to connect with the those affected: everyday people. 

Working with our partners at Brink Communications, we assisted in interviewing individuals and families who’d been hurt by the crisis, using their stories in focus groups to discern the narratives that moved people most.

Softbox used this information to create a compelling set of stories for television and web content, as well as emergency training videos to be used by the general public—each grounded in compassion, truth, and urgency.


Currently, these videos are being widely circulated for intervention training throughout Oregon. 

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