Case Study: The Secret War in Yemen

Stop The War had a clear goal: to stop a war. 

The grassroots organization needed an arresting video that would generate attention, driving traffic to a microsite that would help pass an important bill—one that says a president can’t launch a war on his own. 

When they approached Softbox with their urgent need, we found the cause important enough to produce as a public service.

What we Delivered: 

Our goal to depict the US’s involvement in Yemen in a way that was clear, accessible, and moving. Time was of the essence.

We had the honor of working with Mike Ruffallo, who used his passion to emphasize the urgency around this topic. We combed through hours of news footage to select the most relevant supporting footage, and turned the project around in less than two weeks, working round the clock. 


The bill passed. The short film, which generated over a million views, drove thousands of people to the microsite and added momentum behind the movement. 

ClientStop the War on YemenServicesDirecting, Editing, Writing, Documentary Production, Strategy

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