Case Study: Urban Renaissance Group

Portland’s explosive growth has meant fierce competition for development groups. With new opportunities on almost every corner, how do you attract the tenants that help you achieve your vision of a stronger community? 

Urban Renaissance Group needed a video that would do more than inform viewers of amenities— it needed media that would spark their imaginations.

The Work: 

URG’s work is impressive. Softbox wanted to match the organization’s skill by creating something that would meet their standard of work. 

We were challenged: we needed to generate excitement about an area that wasn’t (at the time) exciting to help sell something that didn’t yet exist. Using aerial photography, photo-real visual effects, and an editing style that felt more like a teaser/trailer, we distinguishing Canvas and the Goose Hollow area as a fresh, inventive, and exciting new venture. 

URG was thrilled with the initial video — and expanded their request to include a showcase of several new projects on the horizon. 

The videos ended up being leveraged for a full campaign, with stills and imagery incorporated into building wrappers, sales presentations, and a robust set of website assets. All of this helped URG achieve its vision of transforming spaces to better serve people and the community. 

ClientUrban Renaissance GroupServicesconcept development, look development, production, 3D animation, music production, editing, color correction, audio post.

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